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Irish Driving Tours

Flannery's Irish Driving Tours takes the typical tourist experience and adds a level of sophistication and personalisation. We can show you the best known places, as well as the best-kept secrets that you won't find on any tourist map!

Tours start at our various pick-up points and extend all over the Island. Blarney, Dublin City, Connemara, Knock or anywhere you choose. We offer Spiritual Tours that include the Marian Shrine, one of the most famous spiritual sighting locations in Europe.

We offer a Golfing Tour package that is customisable to your holiday schedule and budget. We can oblige various group sizes and we have contacts all over the country in the accommodation industry to help your tour stay on track.

Start your holiday tour the right way, with Flannery's Irish Driving Tours. We are Tourism-Ireland Approved and we are dedicated to your experience. Contact us Today!